1906 At age 47, Fanny Bullock Workman set a world climbing record for women of 22,815 feet when she reached the top of Pinnacle Peak in Nun Kun Massif in Kashmir.

1908 Annie Peck summits Huascaran in Peru, the first woman to summit a high peak. She wore the first anorak. The "eskimo suit" was borrowed from the Museum of Natural History.

1911 Annie Peck, an American schoolteacher, reached the 21,834-foot North Summit of Mt. Coropuna in Peru in 1911. The peak had never been scaled before. Peck was 58 years old at the time.

1920 Nea Morin states, despite all she would climb and continues to do so for 30 more years.

1920 Mirium O' Brien introduces guideless and manless climbing for women.

1947 Barbara Washburn became the first woman to climb the United States' highest peak, Denali, in 1947.

1948 Jan Conn climbs Devil's Tower, the first woman to do so without the aid of the ladder.


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