Women ClimbingWomenClimbing is created for all women who are getting out on the rock. This is a place to get the low-down on gear and clothing made just for us chicks. A place to learn about the adventurous women who got out there and gave the men something to talk about. Somewhere to find out just how far we've really come, and maybe give a push to see how far you can go. Browse through our pages and see if you can't find someone or something that gives you the inspiration to get outside.

The next event coming soon : Latest in: history of women climbing in the Karakorum by Lizzy Scully, 2 new books - Woman on Rocks and High Infatuation and a cool blog from Steph Davis

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Warning! Climbing and climbing related activities mentioned throughout the site are inherently dangerous. Partaking in these activities puts you at risk of personal injury and/or death. Be aware that you personally assume all responsibility when you take part in these activities. If you do not have the knowledge go seek it out from a guide, professional instructor, or expert. Get outside, leave no trace, and climb safe!